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ダウンランズ カレッジ

Downlands College



Captain message


Representing Australia is a huge privilege for us as a regional school and further enhances Downlands’ rich Rugby history. SANIX has indeed and will continue to be a highlight in every player’s life as an event to be remembered. The amount of work that Downlands has put in over the past 12 months has really brought our team together and adds a level of excitement to this opportunity at hand. The team is excited and eager to go abroad and show what Downlands, and Australian Rugby has to offer on and off the field. This is the first-time Downlands has been invited to a competition such as this and I believe that our standard of Rugby is up the level of this competition. On the other hand, we are also looking forward to seeing what Japan and the other countries from around the world have to offer as well, whether it being there playing ability or new cultures. We look forward to playing against new styles of Rugby and structure of play whilst in Japan. While in Japan we also look forward to learning and collaborating with different countries and communities from around the world. Overall, this will be an exciting and rewarding experience for the school, our team and the coaches. We thank SANIX for the incredible opportunity that they are providing for us.


Domestic ranking and records in 2022
  • 地区大会:優勝

  • クイーンズランド大会:ベスト8

  • Regional Rugby Championships:Winner

  • Queensland Rugby Championships:Top 8


Leading Players
  • マッケンジー コッホ: U-19クイーンズランド州代表

  • デメトリアス クリストドゥールー: U-19クイーンズランド州代表

  • ジェイク スティーブンス: U-16クイーンズランド州代表

  • ジョニー ライアン: U-16クイーンズランド州代表

  • マックス ノース: U-15クイーンズランド州代表

  • ローガン コノリー: U-15クイーンズランド州代表

  • ロカート プリングル: U-15クイーンズランド州代表

  • Mackenzie Koch: U19 Queensland Representative

  • Demetrius Christodoulou :U19 Queensland Representative

  • Jake Stephens: U16 Queensland Representative

  • Johnny Ryan: U16 Queensland Representative

  • Max North: U15 Queensland Representative

  • Logan Connolly: U15 Queensland Representative

  • Lochart Pringle: U15 Queensland Representative


  • サニックス杯国際ユースサッカー大会のロゴ
  • サニックスカップ U-17 国際ハンドボール交流大会のロゴ
  • サニックスCUP国際新体操団体選手権のロゴ
  • サニックス旗福岡国際中学生柔道大会のロゴ