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Kanto Gakuin Mutsuura High School

関東学院六浦高等学校 チーム画像


Captain message


I am Airi Takahashi and Rizuki Yamamoto, co-captains of Kanto Gakuin Mutsuura Women's Rugby Club! Last year, we were able to experience many things, such as Kanto Gakuin Mutsuura winning the national championship for the second time, and all the members of our club have been working together and practising as hard as we can towards one goal - to be the best in the world. Our team has an energetic and cheerful atmosphere, and we have overcome tough times by encouraging each other. We will maximize the team's organizational and individual strengths in DF, which is one of Mutsuura 's strengths, and in kick-offs, which we continue to pursue, and play Mutsuura -style rugby that will overwhelm not only Japan but also the world. We are also grateful to the parents and coaches who have supported us up till now and for the opportunity to play rugby, we will enjoy our rugby to the fullest!


Domestic ranking and records in 2023
  • 第6回全国U18女子セブンズラグビーフットボール大会関東予選: 優勝

  • 第6回全国U18女子セブンズラグビーフットボール大会: 優勝

  • 第7回関東U18女子セブンズラグビーフットボール大会: 優勝

  • The 6th U-18 National Glrls Sevens Tournament Kanto Region Qualify Round: Winner

  • The 6th U-18 National Girls Sevens Tournament: Winner

  • The 7th U-18 Kanto Region Girls Sevens Tournament: Winner


Leading Players
  • 浅利 那未 / ユースアカデミー選出選手

  • 齋藤 紗葉 / ユースアカデミー選出選手

  • 伊藤 ちひろ / ユースアカデミー選出選手

  • 高田 明里 / ユースアカデミー選出選手

  • 青山 羽菜 / ユースアカデミー選出選手

  • 山本 梨月 / 第7回 関東U18女子セブンズラグビーフットボール大会MVP

  • Asari Nami / JAPAN Youth Sevens Academy

  • Suzuha Saito / JAPAN Youth Sevens Academy

  • Chihiro Ito / JAPAN Youth Sevens Academy

  • Akari Takada / JAPAN Youth Sevens Academy

  • Hana Aoyama / JAPAN Youth Sevens Academy

  • Rizuki Yamamoto / MVP of The 7th U-18 Kanto Region Girls Sevens Tournament


  • サニックス杯国際ユースサッカー大会のロゴ
  • サニックスカップ U-17 国際ハンドボール交流大会のロゴ
  • サニックスCUP国際新体操団体選手権のロゴ
  • サニックス旗福岡国際中学生柔道大会のロゴ