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Hello. We are the Kyoto Seisho High School Rugby Club. This year is our 36th year of existence and our 8th participation in the Sanix World Rugby Youth Exchange Tournament.This year's team is characterised by the fact that each and every one of us plays to our maximum strengths by facing the same vector, and we play with great wonder. We play every day with the importance of noticing things, making decisions and taking action.This year's theme is to be able to put your body on the line for the team when times are tough, which is what this tournament is all about. In this tournament, I want to not only increase my rugby experience, but I also want to play with a renewed sense of gratitude and realise that being able to play the game is not something I take for granted.In preparation for the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France, the Kyoto Seisho Rugby Club will aim to advance to the higher ranks of the tournament, as well as to make the rugby world more exciting through this tournament for high school rugger players in Japan and abroad, in order to show that the tournament will be more exciting than the previous tournament.


Domestic ranking and records in 2022
  • 第23回全国選抜大会: 出場

  • 第102回全国大会: ベスト4

  • 第24回全国選抜大会: 出場

  • 23th National High School Tournament: Participation

  • 102nd National High School Championship: Top 4

  • 24th National High School Tournament: Participation


Leading Players
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  • サニックス杯国際ユースサッカー大会のロゴ
  • サニックスカップ U-17 国際ハンドボール交流大会のロゴ
  • サニックスCUP国際新体操団体選手権のロゴ
  • サニックス旗福岡国際中学生柔道大会のロゴ